Crimea is a peninsula on the North coast of the Black Sea and the only Autonomous Republic of Ukraine. During summers all Crimean beaches are full of tourists. Crimea is a wonderful place to have a rest in any season of year. Crimea peninsula is one of the best places in the world often called “World in miniature” or an open air museum. And it is true. A unique combination of different relief types and climate conditions on the small territory gives Crimea its own special charm. The Northern part of the peninsula is occupied with steeps. The best place for hiking - Crimean Mountains are located in Southern part of the peninsula. Crimea peninsula is surrounded with Black Sea in the West and South and with the Sea of Azov in the East. Those who want to have a good rest are attracted to Crimea not only for its sunny days, golden beaches, subtropical climate and its beautiful spas, but also by their ancient and medieval monuments, charming geological natural geography and landscapes.