One year after adoption!

12 months after our adoption of Dani we are the happiest in the whole world. Our son, his adoption is the best what could happen in your life with us. Dani is the Sun in our life. He is the reason for us to move forward. It is not always easy to be mom and dad, life is not full of roses.

The first month after adoption I stayed at home with Dani and was helping him with school. Before he went to school he spent only 15 days at home with me.

Our little was thinking at the beginning that school was another orphanage and was afraid to stay there. We explained him that all kids must go to school. That at school he would learn how to read and write and that it will be interesting for him to be with other kids. We explained Dani that after school we would pick him up and bring him back home and would never leave him.

But he was crying at the school door all the time and didn’t let us go. Soon Dani started to understand what school life was and stopped crying. He was happy with school activities and liked kids.

In two months Dani started to speak with phrases and in 6 months he had no accent at all and spoke perfect Spanish

The first thing that surprised us most of all was that Dani didn’t pay much attention on toys. But he really loved video games and computer.

Dani started to be very attentive at school had had good behavior. He loved to share with kids and had great language.

After a few months with us Dani stopped talking about the orphanage and Ukraine. From one hand it was nice that he has forgotten his past but from the other side it was sad to know he has lost a part of his history. But he got a family and he was happy. In 9 months, he completely forgot Ukrainian. So we started to remind him his own language and now he speaks both languages perfectly.

Now Dani is a different child we love him most of all. I can write all days long about our Dani the story of our adoption in Ukraine.

From our own experience now we have many advices for you, for prospective adoptive parents. We had great time in Ukraine and now can share with our own experience and help you to adopt.

We know for sure that we all must fight for our dreams, for those whom we love, for our kids. There are so many kids waiting for mom and dad, they are great and healthy kids. And they will make you so happy.

Please, fight for your dreams. Our adoption in Ukraine was great and your adoption in Ukraine will be great and with the good experience. Having good people with you during your adoption process, you will feel comfortable and happy.

Do not be afraid, move forward and make one more child happy!