Adoption of Nicholas - A year at home

Already a year has passed and we have not realized. Emotions have been calming and what at first was all new, all emotion, all nerves have been becoming everyday sensations with happiness and tranquility. We have no fear that he keeps some trauma about food, that he has problems of relationship with other children or that is delayed in language because our Nicholas is a child of equal development than others with an evolutionary maturity in accordance with his age and emotionally very cheerful and secure.

Little more than one year ago he didn't walk and now he goes down the slides and swims in the pool for hours, with sleeves, if the water warm, if not he doesn’t, he has become very exquisite.

Nicholas has changed a lot in many facets. Emotionally he is a stable, very loving and sweet boy. Capricious as everyone, trying to get away with everything and get what he wants as we all do, and in this case as it is wonderful. Upon arriving he tried hard to be loved, what I personally felt very sorry for, later during the autumn his behavior worsened much in a period of disobedience and whims, until it passed away and he began to be a normal child, without being aware. Nicholas has very clear which one is his home, his family core, extended family, he is an integrated and happy child.

Sociability: After a period in which he was biting other children, probably due to the lack of language, this has passed, and now he relates to other children with naturalness and in his limited language he loves to make grown-ups laugh.

With regard to the language in this last couple of months an explosion of words and small constructions make us die of laughter when hearing him. He copies our expressions and imitates the tones. The taste for learning has arrived, as well as the colors, numbers, and a more or less extensive vocabulary.

We are now with the control of sphincters and a dog took his pacifier these days, but everything falls into normal.

After one year at home we are all are doing great. Nicholas used for our traditions, food, daily life. He has no problems with language. Nicholas is doing great with other kids and everybody in the family.

Only one year ago he could not walk, now he runs plays and swims in the pool. Emotionally he is more stable, very loving and sweet boy. He is very happy son and we are blessed so much having him.

He has grown a lot and now he is 17 cm taller. He sleeps the whole night (9 hours). We always are very thankful God for our son and for our adoption in Ukraine.

We needed a vacation this year but we are very happy and we still believe that we have been fortunate and we thank God.