Each place on the Earth has its own attractiveness and charm, and the city is obliged to that to the people who live there and their affairs. This statement concerns the city of Kharkov. Kharkov is the largest city in the east of Ukraine, an administrative center of the Kharkov area. It is the second city of Ukraine for population; the main scientific, industrial, transport and student's center of the country. The Kharkov area was formed on the 27th of February, 1932. Kharkov is located in the northeast of Ukraine. The main waterway is Severskiy Donets; it is the right inflow of Don. The Kharkov area is divided into 25 territorially-administrative areas, it includes 16 cities, 62 settlements of city type and 1861 villages and farms. The area population is about 2,9 million of people.

Kharkov is well-known for its higher educational institutions such as: the Kharkov National University, National Juridical Academy of Ukraine by the name of Yaroslavl the Wise, the Ukrainian Engineering-Pedagogical Academy, National Pharmaceutical University, the Kharkov State Academy of the Railway Transportation, Kharkov National - Road University, the Kharkov State Academy of Culture, the Kharkov State Medical University, the Kharkov State Pedagogical University by the name of G. S. Skovorody and many others. In most cases Kharkov isn't a tourist city in the full sense of this word. Kharkov is the largest scientifically-industrial and shopping center of Ukraine. But many people do love Kharkov. The city has remarkable parks and squares and in general the city is very "green" and beautiful. In Kharkov there are many places of interests. The Memorial Complex of Glory is one of the most famous places in the city. It was opened in 1977 and it has immortalized the immortal feat of the Soviet people in struggle against fascism. In the center of the memorial complex you can see the majestic Stella. Next to Stella in the mournful silence stands the monument of Mother-Land. Also, today it is hard to imagine Kharkov without the monument of T. G. Shevchenko – the most famous Ukrainian poet. The Uspenskyi Cathedral is one of the most beautiful places. It is located in the center of the University hill. It is the one of the remarkable monuments of the architecture that was built in 1771-1777 in the style of Russian baroque.

Also you for sure will like the Pendant rope-way. From the street of Otakara Jarosha from the area Istochnik with the help of walking pendant rope-way it is possible to get on the Sumy Street around the central Park of Culture and Rest by the name of Gorkiy. The Park of Gorkiy is a popular place of the rest for all of the citizens of Kharkov. The park is almost one hundred years old. It occupies the space of 136 hectares. There are all conditions for the entertainment and rest: there is an open-air (green) theater, the cinema (it is called - a cinema "Park"), library, the reading room, variety and dance grounds, tennis courts, attractions, cafes, bars, snack bars and many other things. The main square of the city of Kharkov is the greatest area in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe. Don't forget to look at the fountain "the Mirror Stream". It was constructed in 1947 in honor of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War. Next to it there is a small, but very picturesque square. There is a wonderful Zoo in Kharkov with great number of animals and birds. All kids and adults love to spend their fee time in the Zoo. Annually about 1 million of people visit this Zoo. The Kharkov zoo has been created in 1895 and has already had the celebration of its one hundred anniversary. Now there are about five thousand specimens of 340 kinds of different animals, reptiles, amphibious, birds and fishes, the representatives of the fauna of all continents. The children's railway is very popular among the citizens of Kharkov and city visitors. Every year 20-30 thousand of people visit this railway. The Kharkov planetarium is the special astronomical center that combines the advantages of theater and audience. The actors in this unusual theater are stars, planets, galaxies, comets and the Sun. Kharkov has a great variety of cinemas, theaters, concerts, performances, exhibitions, galleries, museums, art cafes, circus, a dolphinarium, quests, the zoo, cafes, restaurants, coffee houses, pizza places, sushi and skating rinks.