Lviv (Lvov, Lwow, Loewenburg, Lemberg, Leopolis) - is the ancient city of the western part of Ukraine. It is one of the most impressive and the most visited ancient city. Its population is approximately 800.000. Lviv was founded in the middle of the 13th century by Prince Danylo Galytskiy, and named after his son Leo ("Lion") Leopolis. In different periods of its existence Lviv was a part of Poland, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Russian empire and USSR. Since 1991 it is a part of independent Ukraine.

There are many historical, architectural and religious places and places of interest. (Some of them belong to the 13th century), there are more than 30 museums of history, ethnography, arms and art galleries. Lviv has always been a significant educational center of Eastern Europe - Ivan Franko National University, Lvivska Politekhnika University and other higher educational establishments are located there.

Lviv is about 70 km from the border with Poland. The main European watershed line goes through the town and separates the Baltic and the Black Sea basins (the Western Bug and the Dniester).The town is built on the hills, the average height above sea level is 289 meters. The highest point of the town is the Barrow High Castle. Historically Lviv was being built near the river Poltava, but in the XIX century it was sent through the main city drain.

The transport system is well developed in Lviv. There are many cars, local buses, taxis and of course famous trams! Lviv International Airport is located 6 km from the city center. The International airport Sknilov is at the first place with number of passengers and different transport routs in the Western Ukraine.

Lviv railway main road is one of the oldest in Ukraine. Lviv railway is in the South-Western part of Ukraine and goes through the territory of Lviv, Volyn, Rivne, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Zakarpattya regions

Tram in Lviv is the public transport in the town and in fact one of the symbols of the city.

Lviv has wonderful legend about love. Many couples like to come and to enjoy this city of love.

... Once upon a time in the merchant Lviv a poor minstrel came from the distant countries. Residents of the city enjoyed his strange songs, young ladies fell in love with him, and the old venerable merchants gave him money. But minstrel was sad. The cause of his sorrow was the proud beautiful lady, who passed by him on the Market Square, and paid no attention to his music...

Minstrel was following the young lady to her house. In one autumn evening when the gentle rain was dropping in Lviv, the musician began to play the sad melody of love under her windows. He was playing lute the whole night long and only in the morning the lute strings became silent and people saw the dead body of the minstrel, who died from love...

Since that time, in the deep silence, you can hear how the Lviv’s rain plays a sad melody of love and shows how the old town is crying together with him. ... In the ancient times, an Italian merchant came to the city to sell wine. The business was going well. The merchant met his love in the town. Young lady fell in love with the merchant too. The only one obstacle was on their way, the Italian man was a Catholic and the young lady was Orthodox. Finally after the long hesitation her family allowed their marriage.

The merchant went to Italy for the new batch of wine and when he returned to Lviv, the grief happened, the girl was seriously sick. The merchant has devoted all his time to his beloved woman and for her treatment, but the girl died...

The Italian also died soon, but before his death he bequeathed to burry him with his beloved, and made the same tombstone. On the plates there was the heart and the writings: "They died for love." Nowadays many couples like to come and to enjoy this city of love.

In Lviv there are many places of Interest. It is a wonderful town, its atmosphere can be compared only with the symbiosis of Paris, Vienna and Krakow ... You can hardly see all the historic sites and places of interest in one day…

The city of Lviv is famous for its Church of St. Yura, the House of Scientists, Pototski Palace, Opera House, Italian Courtyard at the Square, Market, Pharmacy, Museum of Ethnography and of course Arsenal where you can sit for days. There are really a lot of unique things in Arsenal that are worth of seeing. Also, if you come to this city and decide to do something interesting, you can go and look at Lviv from the High Castle or the Tower Hall and to see the Armenian Church.

The Citadel is very close to Drahomanova Street, Kalicha Mountain and the Department of Biology.

You should walk around High Mountain Castle, at first you will see the Cathedral of Mary of the Snow, Old Market Square and the Church in the incredibly beautiful courtyard, then Church of St. Nicholas (the old building of Lviv), Onufrievsky monastery (where Ivan Fedorovich was burried), Pyatnitskaya Church (that is also here since the foundation of Lviv), the station Pidzamche, then over the rail you can get to the spring and the chapel ... The Museum of Watches is located in the corner of Liberty Avenue and Hnatiuk also here you can see the building with the Statue of Liberty on the top.

Lviv is located in the center of the Chocolate Workshop. You will be impressed when you see all these cafes and shops full of chocolate. In the shops everything will be made from chocolate (chocolate houses, chocolate animals and chocolate cakes….) you can sit and enjoy hot chocolate, drink coffee and eat tasty chocolate cakes. If you come to the city with your wife and children, they can take a part in making chocolate… Yes, there are special places where kids and adults can be the part of making chocolate candies or chocolate masterpieces. Lviv will make a great impression on you: city centre, parks, avenues, churches, streets and parks, you must see everything and feel the atmosphere of this ancient city.