Nikolaev is the center of Nikolaev region, naval and ship city on the surprisingly picturesque peninsula, the favorite child of Prince Potemkin. It is located in 80 kilometers from the Black Sea. Nikolaev had to become the city-shipyard, the cradle of the Black Sea Fleet, the city is one of the centers of shipbuilding and defense industry. Shipbuilding is represented in Nikolaev by three major shipbuilding plants in Ukraine.

Now, about the history of shipbuilding citizens may recall the Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet, which was formerly the headquarters of the commander of the Black Sea Fleet (1793). Not far from Nikolaev city there is situated one of the important sights of Ukraine - Greek city-state Olvia of 6th century BC (now - an archaeological reserve) - an inexhaustible treasury of scientific discoveries. Its territory includes about 330 hectares. And in times of flourishing its population counted 20-25 thousand people. It was reminisced in works of Herodotus, Dion Christ. The city was the member of the Athenian Marine Union. Here are found many highly artistic works, which you can find in museums, not only in Ukraine but also in museums of Berlin, London, Paris, St. Petersburg.