Odessa is a big city-port located in the south of Ukraine. It lies at the Black Sea shore and is famous for the combination of beauty and economical power. Odessa is a big industrial city with about 1 million inhabitants, but in the same time it is a great resort with sunny beaches, warm sea and a special way of life. In Odessa there are many historical places and many tourists visit Odessa each year. Buildings with magnificent architecture and lightness of forms, wide streets of Odessa city make the tourist feel the wellness and richness of the city. It seams that sun never leaves Odessa city. Kind people make a very special atmosphere. For its beauty and location Odessa is called the pearl of the Black Sea.

Odessa resort is stretched on ten kilometers along the coast of the Black Sea. One of the most popular entertainment summer arias in Odessa is Arcadia, which is situated on the coast of the sea and includes a lot of night clubs, famous beaches and places for summer activities.