Our Children


“Kids are born to be happy” (Marti) – this famous saying must be the reality in this world. Children are our happiness, our life and our future. For many years of working with orphanages and kids now I do understand that they became my life and took my heart. When I visit orphanages and see kids I am always thinking: “How could I live without them?”

Our children are very gifted and love to be busy with extra activities. Ukrainian orphans love to read, play, make hand made gifts, dance, sing and draw, write poems, knit, sew, embroider, and spin from beads. And they love to give their gifts to the families and guests. They are so generous and sweet.

At home I have hundreds of kids’ gifts; they are on my walls and on the desk. These are the best gifts I have ever got in my life.

In this part of our website you can see some works of kids.

  • the snowman (first one picture) was drawn and given to me by Marina, little girl from Khmelnytskyi region
  • the second one picture was given by little, cute boy Bogdan, Khmelnytskyi region
  • the third one was drawn by Zhenya , little boy, from Lugansk region
  • A flower was drawn by Vitalik, from Lugansk region
  • A Christmas tree was drawn by little Olha
  • A ball with penguins was drawn by Vasya, little boy
  • The letter with the heart was written and drawn by Natasha and Olena
  • A pink card was made by Vika
  • A bird and flower was drawn by Anya
  • A girl with nice heart face was given to me by Tanya
  • A card with flowers was drawn by Lidia
  • A beautiful princess was drawn by Andri, cute little boy

Each gift is very special to me.

Dear prospective adoptive parents, when you come to adopt in Ukraine you will get many gifts from kids. Also you can visit and be the part of the performances at the orphanages.

I love Roth’s words: “Children are children, do not expect too much. Everything comes with time” BUT from myself I cad add “You will definitely get and feel huge and pure, children’s love and their hearts, so please treasure it like the best gift in your life, because love conquers all.”