When you go to the shops or markets you should not worry about tips. You will be paying the price that is on the label and so on… But if you go to the café or restaurants the waiters usually will expect % 10 tip from the sum of your meal. Of course it is up to you to give less tip or % 10 tips. But like in each European country, tips are expected.

Telephone and internet calls

When you travel and come for your adoption in Ukraine you have to be prepared for the new country with its own life and habits and laws. We will give you some advices about cell phones and local phones. Don’t even think of making calls from your American phone, if you do, you will pay a huge bill per month of stay.

If you wear your laptop with integrated modem, remove the American card and buy a Ukrainian internet card, which you can recharge the first time with 50 hryvnyas (about 3-4 dollars approx.), this card can be bought it on the Khreshatik Street no. 4, the shop is called Mobilochka, better to bring the laptop and place their card. But in most hotels and apartments in Kiev you will have Wi-Fi.

If you don’t have your phone from America, you can buy one. The price will depend on the kind of phone that you are buying; the good and cheap one like Nokia will be $ 30.

Also you can buy USB modem for internet access and phone card of a Ukrainian company. They are on the main street of Kiev Kreshatik very easy to find. (Photos of internet). When you have your Ukrainian cell phone. Or our facilitator can give you cell phone for using in Ukraine.

You facilitator will be always on line for you and will be available and in touch with your for 24 hours!

Eating Out of the Apartmet

When you go to the region for your adoption process you will see that in each city, little town you can find nice café or small restaurant for eating. Also there will be shop/s or supermarkets so you can buy all the necessary food for you and can cook at the apartments or use hotel kitchen. Everything depends what you like or want to do.

But don’t worry, Ukraine has great food and a big variety of dishes and products and everybody can find something for your personal taste. If you are lucky to be in the city for your adoption then you will be definitely spoiled with a bid number of cafés and restaurants.

Our facilitator and translator will give you all the advices about shops and supermarkets and will show you where to eat, how to buy and will help with everything. In big cities many cafés and restaurants have English menu

And while your staying in Kiev, you will be amazed how many luxury place with food you can find and try. The waiters will be very nice and in many places can speak English.

But if you want something cheap, tasty and % 100 Ukrainian you can visit the restaurant Puzata Khata, that is on Khreshatik street, next to the Metro Station Khreshatyk and next to McDonalds )) Yes, you will see many McDonalds in Ukraine. In Puzata Khata the food is very cheap and you will see big variety of Ukrainian dishes.

This restaurant is simple but clean. There is one more self-service restaurant in the Independence Square, in the Mall (underground) Globus. But please while your being in Ukraine try national Ukrainian dishes. Also at the end of Khreshatik, next to the shopping center arena there is another typical Ukrainian restaurant with the good food and pricee. It is called

Close to the Department of adoptions there is a very nice Italian restaurant, called Fish Club da Vinci, that is famous for its fish

Another typical and very nice place for dinnere is "Tsarskoye Selo" it is located 5 minutes by taxi from the Independence Square, their website is

The list of places where you can eat is huge. There are some hints for you

  • 1. Chicken Kiev recipe

    Among various dishes offered the Ukrainian kitchen is a Chicken Kiev. This dishes is the historical traditional component of Ukrainian national diet. Chicken Kiev is masterpiece of city culture. Chicken Kiev is a dish consisting of a boneless chicken breast wrapped around a piece of herbed/seasoned butter, breaded and deep fried.

  • 2. Kiev cafes and bars

    Atlanta - Cool newly renovated bar with live music and great service. It is located on .56 Red Army Street (Chervonarmiyska) 220-0091. Open from 8:00 AM to 2:00 AM.

    Arizona - Classical American breakfast, great American-Mexican food, just like at home. Decorations are cool and you will feel like you are back home. It is located on 25 Naberezhno-Khreschatytska 416-24-38

    Black and Orange - This is my favorite reasonable priced cafe in central Kiev. If you want to take a girl or some friends to a reasonably prices cafe and still have fantastic food in a cool atmosphere, this is the place that will be the best! You can get in and out of here for $5.00 to $10.00 per person! You can find it on 29a Saksahanskoho. 416-35-67 Open 10:00 AM until the last customer.

    But my favorite restaurants in Kiev are Mafia and Olivia! They have great variety of different food from different countries and the price will make you happy! Mafia is on Khreshatik street not for from the Metro Station Maidan Nezalezhnosti and very close to the mall Globe.

  • Olivia is on Krasnoarmiiska street and not far from the Railway Station. If you love Pizza there are many Pizza Places in Kiev for you:

  • 3. Pizza in Kiev Ukraine

    Vesuvio Pizza
    Ivana Franka 19
    235 6681
    Reytarska 25
    228 3028

    Papa Pizza
    Artema 82
    216 7072

    Tolstovo 5
    234 7423

    Mamma Mia
    Velyka Zhytomyrska 6/11
    229 2812

    37 Yaroslaviv Val St.

    Express Pizza
    1 Fizkultury

    La Bella
    7 Pushkinska St.

    Lucull Pizza
    63 Chervonoarmiyska St.

    2 Bessarabska ST.

    2/4 Zlatoustivska St.

  • 4. American restaurants and bars in Kiev Ukraine

    TGI Friday's
    Besarabska 5a
    Excellent cocktails we'd classify as WMD, steaks, burgers, fajitas. If you want to be served well and fast, stay down in non smoking section, up the service is somehow always bad

    Arizona BBQ
    Naberezhno-Khreschatytska 25
    Mexican, Latino and American food. Burgers, fajitas, steaks.

    Sam's Steak House
    Zhilyanska 37
    All classical American steaks in a really nice place. Very good service and original wine with the restaurant's label.

    Tequila House
    Spaska 8a
    Mexican cuisine and all kinds of tequila.

  • 5.Kiev Ukrainian restaurants

    Puzata Khata
    Basseyna 1/2a
    Best Ukrainian fast food, very tasty and very cheap. Also offering delivering lunches to your office. Avoid going around one o'clock on weekdays, it's packed. Definitely try either the Solyanka or Borsch soup.

    Dva Gusya
    Khreshatyk 42 and other venues
    Traditional Ukrainian cuisine in a fast food style. You take a tray and choose from salads, soups, main courses, deserts or ice creams. It's delicious, quick and cheap.

    Esplanadna 28
    Pancakes, vareniky and other Ukrainian specials. And they have a little pig living there!

    Kozak Mamay
    Prorizna 4
    Traditional Ukrainian Cuisine just off Khreshatyk. Beergarden in summer time.


In Kiev there are hundreds of supermarkets and hypermarkets where you can shop and get all kinds of food

Here is the short list for you:

  • Velyka Kyshenya (Ukrainian supermarket chain)


    * 1, Pecherska Square, Kyiv, Ukraine. Nearest metro stop: Pechers'ka (green line) + trolleybus 38; Working Hours: 24/7.

    * 6, Druzhby Narodiv Square, Kyiv, Ukraine. Nearest metro stop: Obolon (blue line); Working Hours: 24/7; Next to it: Eldorado, Sportmaster, Adidas.

    * 3, Peremogy Square, Kyiv, Ukraine. Nearest metro stop: Vokzal'na (red line); Next to it: "Ukraina" Shopping Mall; Working Hours: 24/7.

    * 31, Geroyiv Dnipra Street, Kyiv, Ukraine. Nearest metro stop: Geroyiv Dnipra (blue line); Working Hours: 24/7.

    * 6, Rudenko Street, Kyiv, Ukraine. Nearest metro stop: Kharkivs'ka or Poznyaky (green line); Working Hours: 8am -11pm;

  • Billa (Austrian supermarket chain)


    * 3, Gryshko Street, Kyiv, Ukraine. Tel.: +380 (44) 490 24 44 / 490 24 99.

    * 85, Mayakovs'kogo Street, Kyiv, Ukraine. Troyeschynadistrict. Tel.: +380 (44) 531 12 92 / 531 12 95.

    * 2, Petropavlivs'ka Street, Kyiv, Ukraine. Tel.: +380 (44) 459 55 12 / 459 55 13

  • Furshet (Ukrainian supermarket chain) + Food Delivery


    * Tel.: +380 (44) 451 4 561 / 528 32 86 or Online

    * Delivery - 20 hr. (over 500hr. - free); orders accepted from 9am - 6pm and delivered 9am - 8pm; credit cards Visa, Master Card are accepted.


    * 57, Yaroslavs'ka Street, Kyiv, Ukraine. Nearest metro stop: Kontraktova Ploscha (blue line); Tel.: +380 (44) 417 03 50; Working Hours: 24/7

    * 4, Rusanivs'ka Naberezhna, Kyiv, Ukraine. Nearest metro stop: Livoberezhna (red line); Tel.: +380 (44) 555 27 49; Working Hours: 24/7

    * 165, Gor'kogo Street, Kyiv, Ukraine. Nearest metro stop: Lybids'ka (blue line); Tel.: +380 (44) 521 16 20; Working Hours: 24/7

    * 94/1, Peremogy Prospekt, Kyiv, Ukraine. Shopping Mall Olympic; Nearest metro stop: Nyvky (red line) ; Tel.: +380 (44) 449 69 11; Working Hours: 24/7;

  • Sil'po (Ukrainian supermarket chain)


    * 7, Filatova Street, Pecherskiy District, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 15а, 50-richchya Zhovtnya Street, Leningradskiy District, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    *& 61/2, Zakrevs'kogo Street, Vygurovschina District, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 107, Bozhenko Street, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 22, Vyshgorods'ka Street, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 3, Karel’s'ky Pass, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 21, Drayzera Street, Troyeschyna District, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 6, Pivnichna Street, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 66, Pravdy Prospekt, Vinogradar’ District, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 8, Drayzera Street, Troyeschyna District, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 21, Kharkivs'ke Shosse, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 56, Scherbakova Street, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 3, Chornobyl’ska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 34, Malynovs'kogo Street, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 87, Peremogy Prospekt, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 75/2, Mayakovs'kogo Prospekt, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 20, Gnata Yury Street, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 2, Belorus'ka Street, Luk’yanivka District, Kyiv, Ukraine. Nearest Metro Stop: Lukyanivs'ka (green line)

    * 36-b, Obolons'ky Prospekt, Kyiv, Ukraine.

    * 76, Kyivska Street, Boryspil, Ukraine.

    * 10, Rusanivs'ka Naberezna, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Cigarettes and Tobacco

You can find in each little shop, supermarket, and in the little kiosks on the streets. Good Tobacco can be sold in big malls and supermarkets. The price depends on the brand of cigarettes and Tobacco. You can busy really cheap staff and expensive. Depends on your wish and taste preferences


Coffee you can find everywhere. It is sold on the streets in a travel cars in each little shop or huge mall and of course in supermarkets and in the cafés. You will find all the kinds and brands of coffee from each country of the world. Everybody will find something for himself. Variety of tastes and prices will nicely surprise you.

Money and Currency Exchange Places

When you are in Ukraine for your adoption you must remember that Ukrainian grivna is used as the national currency. One good advice for all adoptive parents, when you come to Ukraine bring only the fresh and nice bills because you will have problems in the banks trying to exchanges $ into Grivnas (Ukrainian currency)

The exchange rate is: $ 1 is equal approximatelly 8 grivnas. Sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less.

You can use your credit card at the shops and supermarkets and malls. On the markets and little shops, taxis or cinemas and so on you have to use only bills and pay Ukrainian money.

In many cases the driver that drives you to the region can accept $. Also you can pay for your apartment in $ (not usually but in Kiev in most cases) If you need to exchange money you can use banks, or ATM system. Banks are open from 9.00 till 5.00-6.00.

Currency exchange places can work for 24 hours. And there are hundreds of them on the streets. (Please don’t be surprised if you are asked for your passport or driving license) Now in Ukraine they have the system and ask all people to show the documents while doing exchange. But remember when you go to the region try to exchange money during the day time. It can be hard to find a place in the little town that works after 4.00 – 5.00. ATM

Euros are acceptable too in many cases. (Paying for apartment in Kiev or paying to your driver that drives you to the region for your adoption). In the other cases you should have Ukrainian money. If you don’t spend all Grivnas (Ukrainian money), you can always exchange the money back into $ or €.

It is safe to exchange money in Ukraine, but of course we do not recommend you to show your purse full of money everywhere. And of course be attentive with your money and credit cards on the streets, in the bus or metro station. Money likes order and good care.

Shopping in Ukraine

Oh, if you like shopping and cannot imagine your life without new clothes you will definitely love Ukraine. In Ukraine you can find all the modern brands, fresh collections and national clothes! In Ukraine there are so many little boutiques, clothes shops, malls, and markets. (Some clothes markets can be open clothes markets with no walls and ceilings) These markets will make good impression on you. Don’t worry in Ukraine you will find everything necessary for you: clothes, shoes, boots, books, toys, children clothes…If you need jewelry, you will easily find jewelry shops. Many our adoptive families who came for adoption in Ukraine were very surprised in a good way with the variety and quality of clothes. Don’t bring hundreds of staff with you when you come, everything can be found in Ukraine.

In Kiev visit a huge mall that is called Globe. It is situated at the end of Khereshchatik Street. In Globe you will find all well known boutiques, great restaurant with European, Asian and Italian food, pub, nightclub, and casino.

When you go shopping in Ukraine, you can find expensive and cheap clothes; you can find all the sizes and all the brands. When you have your adopted child with you visit mall or open clothes market. You will love to see your child/ren having fun and seeing all these staff. Kids usually don’t have opportunity to go shopping and will love to be with you and buy something new. You will also see how careful the child will be in the shop these kids didn’t use to go shopping for buying things. Mothers can take girls and look at the clothes and cosmetics or perfumes and fathers can have boys at the toy shop or car salon or at the boys’ boutiques. No matter where you go with your child for shopping you will find everything and will spend good time all together.

Nightlife in Ukraine

When you come to Ukraine and will want to have some free time you can visit some clubs or bars.

The nightlife in Ukraine varies from place to place. Generally speaking, you will find more to see and do in the bigger cities than you will in small towns. Ukrainians are open-minded and enjoy trying new things. As a result, you will find a variety of discos, nightclubs, bars and restaurants, which all sport their own unique flavor of entertainment. To get an idea of which are the most popular places you can ask the locals - or dive right in and visit a variety of venues - variety is, after all, said to be the spice of life.

In Kiev you can find jazz cafés, live music. Also you will find a big variety of discos and bars in American, Italia, Spanish and Arabian styles.

Sand City

It is fashionable, at the end of Kheresahtik, it has restaurant (European, Asian, Italian food), pub, nightclub, there was a casino, but now they have banned them in all Ukraine, in the underground, there is a large supermarket that includes typical Spanish products, I warn you that it is very expensive.

Caribbean club

Some of the best known in Kiev’s night clubs is the Caribbean Club, which is a place where fun and party are lived with great intensity, it is a highly recommended place to go every night in Kiev, this place has been six years open now and it has gradually become the favorite place of tourists and foreigners in Kiev.

Here you can enjoy a series of shows, music of the Caribbean and of course a wide selection of dishes typical of this part of the world such as salads and other foods typical of this area, you can enjoy the salsa, merengue and other Caribbean musical styles.

Gastronomic topics, it is curious to try a Spanish paella in Ukraine.

Art club

Bar with music live, for dinner or a drink is Khreshatik


For dinner with music live from the 1980s, nice decoration and good music, and of course good food.

Ukrainian Symbols and National staff

Ukraine is a great country with many tradition, tasty food, national symbols and interesting habits. When you come to Ukraine try to find time and have a look at Ukrainian national symbols and national staff. Our adoptive families do advice you to visit national museums and little Ukrainian souvenirs’ shops. Here you can see traditional clothes, pictures, old toys and souvenirs.

Pysanky are intricately designed ornamental Easter eggs, bearing Christian or pre-Christian symbols. Colorful wood-carvings are produced by the artisans of Carpathian Mountain area.

Traditional wreath with flowers and many-colored satin ribbons as a symbol of National Ukrainian folk costume.

Matryoshka doll refers to a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other. A set of matryoshka consists of a wooden figure which separates, top from bottom, to reveal a smaller figure of the same sort inside, which has, in turn, another figure inside of it, and so on. The number of nested figures is traditionally at least five, but can be much more, up to several dozen with sufficiently fine craftsmanship.

Hand-Made Craft

Books, Books’ Shops, Children’s Books, Magazines

Nowadays in Ukraine you can find all kinds of books, magazines, and newspapers. The nation language is Ukrainian but you can easily find books in English and Russian and many other languages.