Who are we?

We are the group of couples that have adopted our children in Ukraine, and we have created this website because we believe that our own experience can help many American families to adopt in Ukraine.

Also as a gesture of appreciation to Ukraine and Ukrainian people due to how we have been welcomed and treated, both in the human and the professional senses. We know that there are many facilitators, and we can’t judge those whom we don’t know, but we can assure you that the one who was our facilitator is honest, hard-working, great expert of all Ukrainians laws and adoptions’ procedures. His name is Oleg. He perfectly knows the process of adoption in Ukraine and will find you only the best, cute, healthy kids. Oleg works in each region of Ukraine and knows hundreds orphanages and orphanage directors. Kids just adore him, they love to play with him (boys like to sit in his car, little ones can even drive with Oleg) All Oleg’s families had only the best experience with him and personally can tell you their stories about their adoption process in Ukraine. We know Oleg personally. He was our facilitator during our adoption process in Ukraine. Oleg is great man, loving father and the best facilitator. He will help you to find the best kids for your family. Oleg’s fees are $ 10,000 - $12,000. Oleg has a wonderful relationship with the Department of Adoption and Protection of Children’s Rights. This special relationship allows us to offer families excellent service in every step of the adoption process. With Oleg you will feel comfortable and safe during your adoptin in Ukaine and will be back home with your child full of good memories about Ukraine.

Independent International Adoption is the best way to adopt your child without agencies. Independent Adoptions with us will help you to adopt independently without agencies and much cheaper. We are a group of adoptive families and we want to help you in your adoption journey.

Adopt internationally with us and make one child happier. Become mom and dad! Make your family happy and bigger! Change the world. Start with your own family!

If you need any help or you want to ask anything related to the adoption in Ukraine do not hesitate to contact us.We speak English, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian. Our contact person is:

Julia 0038 097 741-49-12

Email: natalyakryvytska@gmail.com

The services that www.adoptinosinukraine.com can offer you:

  • We will inform the prospective parents about the current situation of adoption in Ukraine.
  • We will give you an overview of the process of adoption in Ukraine, and will provide you with instructions and checklists and all the samples of forms needed for your dossier to be ready for submission at the Ministry of the Social Policy of Ukraine/Department of Adoption and Protection of Children’s Rights.
  • We will explaine you step by step how to fill out all the doucments and many of the documents we have already filled out in advance for you.
  • Also if you have any doubts or questions about documents you can contact us any time and we will help you and explain everything. We speak English, Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish perfectly.
  • We will explain you the entire process of adoption in Ukraine and the time needed for the adoption to be completed in Ukraine.
  • We will personally recommend you our facilitator, who has a big experience of many years of doing adoptions in Ukraine (20 years), who will be professional, efficient and honest, and who knows all the laws and processes of adoption in Ukraine. We will give you good price.
  • We will give you all the list of your expences and will save you a lot of money. The agency will be asking you thousands of $ . We will help you to adopt independantly without agencies but with our help.
  • Also, we will connect you with other couples that have successfully adopted with this facilitator and they will provide you with info and tell you about their own experience.
  • We will provide you with the direct contact and dialogue with the facilitator in order to avoid all misunderstandings. And you won’t have delays with time or documents
  • We will try to make your adoption process in Ukraine as cheap as possible and to try to minimize costs. During your process of adoption in Ukraine we will provide you with all the info where to rent good apartments/hotel rooms (we can personally book the apartment/room for you in a good place), will give you info about transport, currency exchange, where to eat, what to do and what to see in Ukraine during your free time.